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Not all things make sense in life. "Chaos theory" is real and is sometimes more powerful than logic. The power of chaos theory lies in its unpredictability.

ANGRYMOON.NET is inspired by Neptune's "angry moon" Triton which, against all logic and counter to all other moons in the solar system, rotates around its planet in a retrograde orbit. Triton doesn't play by the rules and most importantly, Triton does what it wants… So do we.

ANGRYMOON.NET Is a site that brings the BEST models to the most discerning gentlemen. ANGRYMOON.NET is the playboy of today for the down town imaginista and the midtown scumbag alike. ANGRYMOON.NET is class punctuated by instances of occasional insanity. If you are reading this, ANGRYMOON.NET IS FOR YOU.