::Carmen Ortega | Come and Get Carmen | The Peep Show::

Carmen Ortega | Come And Get Carmen | The Peep Show

Carmen Ortega and Angrymoon.net

What the fuck is going on over here? We know. That is a very fair question. No updates. Site is dormant. We’ve been sitting on this Carmen Ortega video for over a year. Yeah…

The site has been hibernating of sorts. We ain’t dead. It’s just that we aren’t firing all of our cylinders at the moment. We’ll explain when the time is right. Until then, we wanted to bless the universe with a Carmen Ortega / Angrymoon collaboration we were lucky to be a part of. The damn thing happened so long ago we don’t remember how this all came to be, but we are glad we were there.

Take a look at the video and enjoy. But we ask one favor of you – let us know what you think about the music. We are loathed to create same ole, same ole videos as everyone else. Whether it’s YouTube or Instagram, if there is a video of model, more than likely, Drake, Future, or The Weeknd is the background music. The world has met its quota of hot models’ video with Drake / Future / The Weeknd background music for a lifetime. Shit is just ridiculous. So when we make these Peep Show videos, we try to give you something new. We shared our cut with Carmen and she hated the music. Well damn… that took the wind out of our sails and helped contribute to us backburning the final cut for a while. A year has passed, and we decided to release the final cut as is with the music we originally selected. Tell us how you feel – you appreciate the musical direction or would you rather her Drake get emo on a track?

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