Freud: The Father of Psychology. Ok, I don’t really know if he is, but if anyone knows a psychologist other than their own personal one, it’s Sigmund Freud. Besides the ubiquitous psych terms (ADHD, OCD, bi-polar, and psycho), the consciousness of the mind – id, super-ego, ego are the most recognized psychological concepts. No one really knows what they mean but they recognize them. As the super-ego balances the id and forms the ego, the super-id is a balance of the ego of the mind and the irresistible force of the male id.

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Exploring the fine line between men thinking with their head and feeling with their loins.

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Super-Id aims to be the premier online-and-offline men’s publisher creating thought-provoking, engaging, and entertainment content for its male and female audience. Redefining the notion of what a men’s publication’s product is in addition to the business-to-business opportunities of online publishing, Super-Id’s focus is to combine compelling content for its consumer with organic integration opportunities for its brand partners delivery the highest quality multimedia entertainment for its varied audience.

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What if there was a men’s lifestyle website that appealed to a man’s two heads throughout his life cycle?

We know that man will never stop lusting/liking/loving women, but the type of woman varies from man-to-man and segment-to-segment. We also know that all men struggle between thinking with his head on top and his head down below. We know that women and sex are woven into every fabric of a man’s life because men will never stop looking lusting/liking/loving women.

And what if women weren’t offended by it?

Why wouldn’t a woman be offended by a guy’s site that just features chicks and men being cavemen?

Because it’s not a guy’s site that just features chicks and men being cavemen. It’s not a laddie site. It’s not a men’s blog. It isn’t about gadgets or all the same shit that all other men’s sites do. Super-Id is about people. Specifically it’s about humankind. It’s about people. It’s about arts and humanities and science. It’s social science. It’s anthropology. It’s Malcolm Gladwell hanging out with Luther Campbell.

Super-Id is simple, but layered, because men are simple and layered. There is a nuance to both that men don’t consider because we live it and women simply don’t understand because they aren’t men.

Super-Id is the activation and manifestation of the male psyche and how it relates to women.

Super-Id is built by men made for men yet still appeals to women. When a woman asks a man “What are you thinking?”, the answer is The Super-Id. Woman want to know, but they don’t want to know.

Super-Id takes advantage of the fact that women love to look at pictures of women almost as much as men do.

Super-Id is the space between mature and immature, wisdom and youthful exuberance, insight and instinct, emotions and intelligence, your big head (brain) and little head (penis).

Super-Id is a destination. It’s a place where boys can be boys as they become men while men can be the man-child that so many of them become.

Super-Id is where an appreciation of Mary-Anne over Ginger from Gilligan’s Island is thoroughly debated and discussed with equal members on both side of the argument.

Super-Id is where the merits of the little black dress is appreciated and welcomed as a much welcomed and needed departure from the tons of oiled-up bikini photos.

Super-Id is that special someplace that all men have. The Super-Id is that necessary evil that all women need. The Super-Id is the man you used to be; the man you are; the man you will be; the man you want to be; and the man you struggle not to be.

The Super-Id is the son you hope to grow up to be – a chip off the block but better than you. The Super-Id is the guy you hope your daughter doesn’t come home with – he reminds you of you and you know how you were at that age.

The Super-Id is every guy turning their heads (or at the very least cutting their eyes) when that girl walks by and the look they give each other as they pass one another. The unspoken communication that men share when a woman is introduced into the equation is articulated in The Super-Id.

The Super-Id is the voice of the male female experience. The Super-Id is the voice of the male libido and psyche.

The Super-Id. 

Boys become men who become boys again.

Big Head. Little Head.