Jessica Canizales_Whale Tales_Peep Show_Super-Id
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::Jessica Canizales | Whale Tales | The Peep Show::

Jessica Canizales | Whale Tales | The Peep Show

Jessica Canizales versus The Blue Whale

Jessica Canizales_Whale Tales_Peep Show_Super-IdSweet Jesus, Jessica Canizales makes it really really hard. Here is the problem… Jessica is a really sweet young lady. She’s really pleasant. Kind. A good conversation. But here is where shit goes left… see, Jessica Canizales is really smoking hot. She’s Brazilian. And she has sick body that makes you want to punch yourself in the face. Throughout the entire shoot, it took every ounce of self-control not to completely objective this sweet woman and ogle her like some sort of perv. This is the Canizales effect and we were stricken. 

Somehow, someway, we managed to shoot some videos of Jessica’s Angrymoon shoot. It was a lot of fun. A sexy Brazilian in a bikini and a blow-up whale. How the hell could you not have fun? Exactly

Jessica Canizales_Whale Tales_Peep Show_Super-IdLast note, don’t be intimidated by Jessica if you happen to meet her. We know… look at the photos, look at the videos. How could you not be shook? Just remember, this is a lady who rode a plastic blue whale blow-up doll. Exactly.