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Rachel Williams And Daisy Watts | T&A | The Super-Id

Welcome to T & A

The big head rules the little head throughout most of the day. But the little heads needs to be satiated or else lose control. One thing that can sooth (or incite) said little head is some T & A.

Rachel Williams and Daisy Watts

Season’s Greetings and Holiday Cheer from Rachel Williams and Daisy Watts

Normally the holidays are something Super-Id looks to avoid – the noise, the consumerism, the nonsense – but this video courtesy of Zoo Magazine makes our Grinch turn into Kris Kringle.

Super-Id gives zero fucks, okay? It’s still January and the statue of limitation for saying Happy New Years isn’t over which means we can still mention Christmas. So there. Otherwise we’d have to sit on this recently discovered gratuitously merry video.

Who cares that Rachel Williams and Daisy Watts are holding their Red Cross bells as if they’ve never had to lift something with their bare hands? Who cares you can see the production lights reflected in the mirror? Who cares you watched this video on loop ten times in a row? Super-Id does not judge.

Everything Should Be In Slow Motion

Want MOAR of Rachel & Daisy?

Official Rachel Williams Twitter

Peep Rachel Williams’ Twitter feed, but don’t be creepy.

Official Rachel Williams Instagram

Hopefully Rachel Williams will let you peep her private Instagram account.

Official Daisy Watts Twitter

Tweet that tweet, Daisy!

Official Daisy Watts Instagram

You’re gonna wanna look at this.



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