Jennifer Aniston
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Jennifer Aniston | GQ Magazine

Jennifer Aniston – Tie, No Shirt

Unlike millions and millions of people, I have never, ever seen an episode of Friends. I watched half a scene and had to turn that shit off. Friends has never been must-see TV for me. I just didn’t get it. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross {I had to look this up} reminded me of no one and most definitely didn’t remind me of myself in anyway, shape, or form. And this was New York City? What New York City was this? I’ve been in New York my entire life, and the scenes I saw clips of and the stories I heard about episodes resembled nothing I knew. And when it comes to entertainment, we all want to see what we aspire towards or what is reflective of who we are. And since Friends was neither to me, must see TV was the TNT Thursday night basketball doubleheader. I never grew up with the cast and other than knowing the random trivia answer of Courtney Cox being in a Bruce Springsteen video and seeing Jennifer Aniston (pre-nose job) in Office Space, they were strangers that I couldn’t care less about. Until I saw this cover of GQ.

Remember that whole Brad/Jennifer/Angelina triangle that dominated magazine covers and the infancy of gossip blogs… Yeah, well, I skipped out on that too. I didn’t pay a lick of attention. But for whatever promotional reason that landed Jennifer Aniston on the cover of Gentleman’s Quarterly made me stop and stare. Great Caesar’s Ghost! Have I been missing out on this the whole time? Or was it the by-product of post-Friends, post-Brad rebirth? Once again, falling back on my must see TV apathy, I didn’t care to know. Didn’t matter. I just liked what I saw of Jennifer Aniston for the first time in a really long time. 


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