Tahiti Cora
All imagery used courtesy of Angrymoon.net

::Tahiti Cora [Black One Piece] // Presented by Angrymoon.net::

Tahiti Cora [Black One Piece]

Tahiti Cora Presented by Angrymoon.net

There are some things about which we will always be certain of: 1.) chicken is good, 2.) the space shuttle was pretty cool, and 3.) Tahiti Cora will always be one of our favorite models. We feel silly writing this because it’s sort of hard to be witty when all we have to say about this girl is how dope she is.

We’ve hung with Tahiti Cora two or three times. So yeah, we aren’t best friends or anything, but she’s always been super cool to us when Angrymoon was first starting out. She was even the first model to ever do an #angrymoonwalk and this was before it was even a thing. When she blessed us by walking up some stairs at the Shore Club in Miami in her famous/notorious (and now retired) Puma short shorts we knew we were onto something.

These days you can catch Tahiti Cora being not just a model but a real life action hero, doing all kinds of shit like sky diving. Oh, if you go on her Snapchat you will also see she is her cat’s biggest fan.

[Editor’s Note: The Super-Id hasn’t been fortunate enough to link up with Tahiti Cora… not yet anyway. Hell, we’re not even sure she follows us on the ‘Gram [the true test of a relationship is if you follow each other on social media…  😛 ]. But if we hung out with her, shit, we’d work out all day long; we’d go skydiving; hell, we would even like cats [we rock with dogs, not cats]. As long as we are putting in some quality time with Tahiti, it’s all good as everything else around us, including whatever the hell we may be doing becomes irrelevant. Just look at this gallery. Or her Instagram. Or her Snapchat. Or the once-in-a-blue-moon time she jumps on Periscope. Yeah, the thirst is real. Can you blame us?]


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