Bikini Model Fitness
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::Bikini Model Fitness | Today’s YouTube Channel::

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Bikini Model Fitness | Today’s YouTube Channel

Bikini Model Fitness

Kiana Tom. Sweet Jesus. I still remember her. Before ESPN became the monster and monstrosity that it is today, instead of hearing Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless moronically yell at each other for hours, ESPN used to air daily workout shows. There was some Greek dude and his hot sister whose name escapes me [Editor’s Note: Ok, the original show was “Bodies In Motion” with Gilad Janklowicz and Ada Janklowicz. Kiana Tom had her own spin-off show, Kiana’s Flex Appeal] and I would just watch Kiana and the Greek’s dude sister work out. It was awe-some. And that was the extent of my fitness viewing.

YouTube. YouTube is a tool. I have never sat in front of a screen and watched YouTube for any extended period of time. I just can’t. Maybe because I like looking at screens 50″ and larger. Maybe because Google designers suck and the YouTube look and feel are nauseating. Here is how life is funny… I recently started to take my fitness a lot more seriously. I’m moving dumbbells and weights up and down six days a week. Gil would be proud. I realized that I needed a cushion for the barbell when I do squats and such. I Googled whatever the hell I thought the name of the product would be and lo-and-behold, one of the first results is a YouTube video featuring The Super-Id’s and Angrymoon’s favorite, Tahiti Cora. Naturally I click the link because who doesn’t want to do product research with Tahiti Cora. My internet viewing habits haven’t been the same since. Welcome to the wonderful world of Bikini Model Fitness.

Bikini Model Fitness is YouTube page that contrary to the name Bikini Model Fitness, has a bunch of hot fit and fit thick women in bikini and yoga pants getting their workout on. This is Bodies In Motion on steroids with no dudes! But instead of wanting to work out I was worked up. Who the hell can focus on training and lifting any sort of weights when you got girls like the aforementioned Tahiti Cora, Diana Levy, Michelle Jacot, Nefreteri Tomalo, Chelsey Novak, and Nicole Meija wearing outfits that would get them banned from Planet Fitness.

Here are a sample of the muscle building, fat reducing, body shaping videos of Bikini Model Fitness.





Sweet Jesus, we could keep going. Take a click over to the YouTube page of Bikini Model Fitness and be prepared to sweat.

Kiana Tom would be proud…