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::Roger F. Bond Chronicles | Are You Attracted To Me, Yes or No?::

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I am Roger F. Bond and I like to tell stories, share shenanigans, pontificate, meander, contemplate, editorialize, and muse. And here is where those things live. These are my chronicles…
The Roger F. Bond Chronicles


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The Third Question Is The Key

[intense_lead font_color=”#00cbf7″]Keep It Simple, Stupid. Dating doesn’t have to be so got-damn hard![/intense_lead]

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[intense_dropcap color=”#00cbf7″]M[/intense_dropcap]y friend said the craziest thing I ever heard. He would ask women if they were attracted to him. That’s it. To put it into context, it would come after first meeting a woman and the obligatory “What’s your name? What do you do?” So be clear, after he got a woman’s name so he knew how to address her; and then discovered what she did for a living to get an idea of who she is by what she does; he would then need to ascertain whether there was any future between them by understanding from jump street if there was a physical attraction between them. I thought he was insane and told him he was insane. It’s only years later that I realized that he was a genius.

I once was a willful participant in the war games men and women play. Those days are long gone. I exhaustively say that men can’t be friends with pretty women for the most part. By following my friend’s tactic, skip all the pleasantries and get to the root of the male/female dynamic, you know how the story is going to go. Her name is Rachel. She does PR. Nope, she isn’t attracted to you. Boom. You saved money by not buying her any damn drinks. You know that you can cut off the conversation at any given point without worry. You can go off and talk to any other women without offending her or even caring. You don’t have to add her to your contact list and do the entire (LinkedIn connect? Friends on Facebook? Should I follow you on Twitter? Is your IG just selfies and food porn?) social networking thing. You don’t have to soft stalk her. If you choose to have some sort of friendly sort of relationship, all of her female family members and girlfriends are fair game. It’s that simple. Look at it from the flip side. Her name is Rachel. She does PR. And yes, yes, she is attracted to you. It’s smooth sailing from her. No more trying to read if her flipping her hair is a sign of attraction or it’s simply bothering her. Forget about asking if it’s okay if you can get her number, because you KNOW she wants your number. This shit is awesome! Now this straight murders any romance (for the most part unless you work some real game), but women are on a life-hunt for some romance, so you can make it up to her later.

Consider this, when women name the most common things they want their ideal man to possess, it’s always intelligence, a great sense of humor, and the last one is usually one of the following: ambition, passion, honesty, compassion, or something like that. Notice that attractiveness isn’t part of the equation although we all know that you can’t tell a person’s level of intelligence or how well he tells a joke from the seat at the far side of the bar. It comes down to looks. It always does. How often does a woman get with a guy she isn’t attracted to? It happens. It most certainly does, but it requires either the grace of God’s Hand or a Herculean amount of work from the guy that makes him borderline obsessed thus a loser. Once you know where you reside on that attraction scale, the clouds disappear and the sky is clear – you know where this could go. It’s a simple question – yes or no that will decide if you stay or go. She may be attracted to you, but that doesn’t guarantee she wants the D, but at least knowing is half the battle.

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[intense_content_box icon=”asterisk” position=”topleft” icon_stack_type=”circle” title=”PLEASE NOTE “]Don’t ever, ever, ever ever ever ever ever do that “Do You Like Me? Check Yes or No” shit. You did this is grammar school. Not even high school. Grammar school. This is the weakest, most sad sack shit a man can do and if you do do this, your testicles are filled with estrogen. Stop the Madness. Thank you. [/intense_content_box]

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