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The Instagram Account of Mitsy Ramos

Instagram was invented for Mitsy Ramos. She is a selfie outlier and the archetypical selfie queen. Few can match her one knee up, holding her iPhone center-mass, duck-faced selfie game. We’re talking Lebron-like output. Maybe Kobe since she has a ruthlessness to her game. Peep how each photo is slightly altered – a gaussian blur here or a soft-focus there – to insure maximum thirst levels from her 119K+ followers. Each selfie highlights her assets: her outfit, her duckface, and her rack city. Be clear, this is not hate. Super-Id is in awe of her game. We know she’s planting thirst traps and yet we still fall for it. It’s a thing of beauty that can only be admired. And with that said, admire with us as we present Mitsy Ramos’ Instagram.

Mitsy Ramos' Instagram


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u see me in the lobby takin pics im flossin!

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Yo bitch look like a booga wolf

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Why hate?

Soft stalk Mitsy Ramos online.

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