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Fabolous “Cuffin Season”

Cuffin-SeasonArrghhhh! Master the art of timing, Fabolous! 

Fabolous dropped a mixtape, The Soul Tape Vol. 3, on Christmas, 2013. The stand-out single was clearly Cuffin Season. Everyone knew it was a hit. It masterfully detailed the ebb and flow of the male/female relationship during the cold winter months. The record knocked all winter – time appropriate. Despite Mother Nature not really cooperating, the calendar says we are in spring and Fab drops a video now? It’s May. Cuffin Season is officially over.

When you listen to the lyrics and not just two-step, sway and sing, These hoes keep calling, I ain’t picking up / These hoes keep calling, I ain’t picking up,” the song is chronologically all over the place. 

  • Though we gotta say goodbye for the summer, baby

  • Told these hoes I’ll be back around June /
    Told these hoes I’ll be back around June

  • Damn, I’m so cold in the fucking winter

  • You was in La Marina all summer /
    You was up in toxic all summer /
    Now it’s getting chilly, that’s the fall coming

I can’t call it. I’m confused. Maybe it’s a sign not to read (or listen) too much into hip hop lyrics. Eff it, I’m just gonna keep singing “these hoes keep calling, I ain’t picking up / These hoes keep calling, I ain’t picking up.”

Please note: there is an extended version of the Cuffin Season video that is simply awful. It’s long. It has skits. It’s not funny. It’s dumb. It almost ruins the song. I have no idea what Fabolous was thinking when he signed off on this. Here is the link for the masochists. Cuffin Season Extended Version

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