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Kid Ink "Main Chick" | Today's Song | The Super-Id


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Kid Ink “Main Chick” Remix – Ft. Chris Brown & Tyga

Kid InkI’m certain you’re halfway familiar with Kid Ink. No? You must recognize his first hit song, “Show Me” featuring Chris Brown. The funny thing is that the song features Chris Brown when damn near everybody thought it was Chris Brown’s song. Turns out Kid Ink not only sings like Chris Brown, but he kinda looks like Chris Brown as well (light-skinned Negro thing)

Lo and behold, we are blessed with a new Kid Ink single, and guess what? To add to the confusion, Chris Brown is on this song too. Kid Ink, what are we to think? You are a Chris Brown doppleganger times two. 

Now the icing on the cake is that “Main Chick” sounds a hell of a lot like “Show Me.”

I will give you tons of credit for penning a song NOT about side chicks, side pieces, jump-offs, and basic bitches.

But we have to subtract some credit for putting Tyga on your record. This Tyga… Never forget, people. Never forget.

Who's feeling this attack of the light-skinned Negros? Let us know in the COMMENTS.

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