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::Today’s Actress | Rosario Dawson::

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Rosario Dawson

I have a Rosario Dawson story that you’re going to read about. Just not now. It’s not the time. Not yet. But it’s a heart-wrenching tale that I will carry to my grave. But now is not the time. One day. Sooncome…

In the meantime, Rosario Dawson is quickly becoming fan favorite for geeks and fan boys globally. She is revising her role as Gail, the bad ass prostitute that runs Old Town, but she is voicing Wonder Woman in the animated DC film, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, and finally, she has been casted to play a role in the Netflix series Daredevil based on the Marvel comic book series {Dear God, please let her be Elektra. Please God.} 

From the trailer and for those who’ve read the Frank Miller graphic novels, you know that Gail is a bad ass bitch {in the Bad Girls Club kind of way, but not ratchet} and there’s going to be a ton of sexuality and violence, and that’s how most geeks and fan boys like Rosario Dawson served up with. Bon Appetit.


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