Serena Williams
All imagery used courtesy of Beats by Dre.

Today’s Commercial | Beats By Dre Presents: Nothing Stops Serena Williams

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Beats by Dre Presents: Powerbeats2 Wireless – Nothing Stops Serena

Serena Williams is a bad woman. Yesterday, she crushed another poor, defenseless female tennis player/victim in her Women’s US Open victory on her way towards her 18th major. And it comes days after the debut of her new commercial for the Beats by Dre wireless earphones. I’ve never been so turned on and afraid simultaneously. Like a lyric from the song in the commercial spot, Serena Williams is a Black Unicorn – mythical, powerful, beauty, but with a tool capable of ripping her your heart. 

Let’s bask in the greatness known as Serena Williams. It will be a very long time before we see something like her every again once she gone.

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Love her or fear her, Serena Williams is one of kind. Let us know if you agree in the COMMENTS.