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Axe "Get In Action" Vol. 1 | Today's Video | The Super-Id


The Internets is filled with stuff, so much stuff it seems like a job just to keep up with it all. Here at Super-Id, we like to keep it simple – one thing, whether it’s a photo, video, song, or whatever, they we think you should fucks with. We call it Today’s…

Axe “Get In Action” Vol. 1

Oh Axe Body Spray! We can’t stand your product {any personal body spray purchased from Pathmark simply is not a good look}. We loved your commercials. The old ones. The new ones?  Not so much. Leave it up to the Latin community to continue on with the trademark, over-the-top sexist Axe content. And God bless them for that.

Here’s the kicker. The video is in Spanish. I’m pretty certain that won’t prevent you from indulging. Denada.


Who wants to translate the video (as if we really care). Tell us in the COMMENTS.

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