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::Today’s Song | Interpol “My Desire”

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Interpol “My Desire”

What I Want From Interpol

I had a really bad relationship that left me with vast quantities of regret despite the valuable lessons gleaned from the experience. The two things I extracted from that miserable individual was that some people are born losers {be clear – this is a not-so subtle shot at the miserable individual – be clear} and Interpol. The video for Lights was played for me and I was instantly obsessed. The video is engrossing. I can’t stop watching it. The song is engaging. I can’t stop playing it. I still can’t name another Interpol song, because I haven’t really listened to any of their other music. If the song didn’t sound like, if the song wasn’t “Lights,” I wasn’t interested. I was moved and there was no moving back. Until I heard “My Desire.”

There’s something about me that likes haunting, dark shit. Interpol’s vocals are what I would imagine Vincent Price would sound like if he decided to sing songs about women, lust, passion, and emotion. The whole thing is just intense… and dark… and engrossing and engaging. 


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