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Sisqo “LIPS”

Sisqo The Magic Dragon

If you mention Sisqo to me, I’m thinking about Cisco. I will never forget Cisco. I was in Albany. I drank a whole bottle of grape Cisco by my damn self because liquor/poison like Cisco is meant to drink singularly in group settings. On the highway coming back from the toy store, I vomitted my insides. Liver. Spleen. Galbladder. All projectile vomitted from me in the passenger seat to the middle lane of the highway. Upon my return to the house I was staying at, I proceeded to pass out face first as soon as I walked into the door. Somehow I didn’t break my nose or my face. When I woke to, two girls were holding my upper body over the bathtub as I apparently had more innards that needed to be released in some bile sauce. I’ve never come closer to death in my life and I will never forget. So when you say Cisco, I’m not thinking Sisqo, I’m thinking liquid crack. I shouldn’t be thinking artificially grape-flavor, rather artificially platinum colored.

Say what you will, but Sisqo and Dru Hill mattered for a time. Yeah, I know. The whole dragon goofiness. And Thong Song was a whole thing in and of itself, but Dru Hill lead by Sisqo had hits: “Tell Me,” “Never Make A Promise,” “We’re Not Making Love No More.” And what I consider to be one of the greatest original/remixed original single combinations in music history, “In My Bed” the original, and In My Bed” So So Def Remix. Off of these two records I can’t dis Sisqo and make Today’s Music Video a #ThrowbackThursday post.

Move beyond the obvious goofiness of Sisqo The Dragon and you have a talented artist trying to make a resurgence that is at least more appealing than grape flavored liquid crack. Long Live Sisqo. Down with Cisco.

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