Heather Shanholtz [White]

Heather Shanholtz Presented by Angrymoon.net

Heather Shanholtz is a dork. It’s the truth. Don’t let her old-school classic Pam Anderson good looks fool you. Don’t be seduced by her outrageous curves. The truth is that she probably was the nerdy dorky girl in class. I bet she handed in all the extra credit and gave the teacher apples and shit when she was in school. She’s super hot and super smart and it’s just not fucking fair.

We met Heather a few years ago at Art Basel, but we knew of her long before that. She’s one of the hottest girls on the planet and impossible to miss. We were so happy and blessed that she was down to work with us. On the day of the shoot she brought it like a true professional in every way. So, yes… Heather Shanholtz is a beautiful hot dork… she’s as smart as she is sexy and to us that’s pretty perfect.
[Editor’s Note: we wish we went to school with girls like Heather Shanholtz. Typically the smart girls are to be heard (or copied), and not seen, but to have a hot chick who knows Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is a surprising bonus. Stay tuned for more photos as we’ll be dropping exclusives from this shoot and more on our respective IGs: [Heather ShanholtzAngrymoon.net, & The Super-Idand Twitters: [Heather ShanholtzAngrymoon.net & The Super-Id.]



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Heather Shanholtz

Heather Shanholtz

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