Liza Belinsky
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::Liza Belinsky aka Leeza.X | Today’s Instagram::

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Liza Belinsky

Liza Belinsky aka Leeza.X aka The Black Russian

If you’ve been creeping around the Internets or more recently, have been on Instagram for the last couple of years, we’re sure you are familiar with the Black Russian. Not this Black Russian, but Liza Belinsky, the Black Russian. Here’s the thing, we don’t really know if Miss Belinksy is a Black Russian or not. It’s the Internets. The only way anyone is aware of her is from her Instagram where she was originally known as the aforementioned Liza Belinsky, but has “rebranded” herself as Leeza.X. Leeza.X. Liza Belinsky. Hell, she even goes by Liza Silvia Massa, which may be her government. Black. Russian. Does anyone really know who she is? Does anyone really know what her racial background or ancestry is? Does anyone really care? Take a look at the thirst on her Instagram and you can see her genealogy and heritage is of minimal or no concern to the masses. What everyone cares about is a lot more obvious. Just look at Leeza.X’s Instagram or simply scroll down this post. Can’t you tell? Yeah, you can tell.


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Soft-stalk Liza Belinsky…

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