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AshleyVegas702 Is What Instagram Was Made For

Understand, as much as I love Aisha Thalia and EnvyMe_Mary as much as one can love someone whom you’ve never met before and only know through social media, let’s keep it real here. Instagram is a photo app that you maddeningly scroll through. As men who are visually orientated creatures, Instagram works really well for us. And women know this. Then that means that AshleyVegas702 is a savant. She is an Einstein when it comes to social media, as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter were made with her in mind. Allow me to explain in some detail.

Ass and titties / ass and titties / ass and titties / and big booty bitches – Azz & Tittiez by Three Six Mafia (Hypnotize Camp Posse)

This classic track by Three 6 is AshleyVegas702’s theme song. When she walks up in the morning… ass & titties. When she gets dressed in the morning… ass & titties. In the car… ass & titties. In the line at Chipotle… ass & titties. Everything about AshleyVegas702 all day and everyday is ass & titties. And she knows this. She lives it. She relishes it. Most women are demeaned by the fact that every man who lays eyes on her is filled with lustful desire. She caters it. She cultivates it. Let us stop typing and you get to being ensnared in the web of AshleyVegas702. Oh, don’t forget to check her Snapchat! She is the hype behind that. Believe us!

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