The Wolf of Wall Street

::Today’s Scene | Wolf of Wall Street Panty Scene::

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The Wolf of Wall Street – I’m Tired of Wearing Panties

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Martin Scorcese. Don’t really have to say much after that. The man is a legend and any movie he creates is a must-see including The Wolf of Wall Street. He is a genius. And this scene is pure genius. I know that everything in this 3-hour flick isn’t one hundred percent spot-on, but the scene between Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his wife (played by Margot Robbieillustrate the innate power that every woman has over man. I watched the scene and felt the longing that DiCaprio displayed. I also felt the pain, the torture, and the miserable suffering. GOD! Why does vagina have such a hold on us only to be connected to women intent on driving man mental? Only a mad man genius would display this and could display it so well. Genius.

For the record, Margot Robbie will be a working actress for a very long time solely based on this scene. Consider it a much tamer, but equally effective Sharon Stone Basic Instinct scene.

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