DJ Snake
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::Today’s Song | DJ Snake & Lil Jon – “Turn Down For What”::

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DJ Snake Ft. Lil Jon – Turn Down For What

Get Crunk and Have Shots!

DJ SnakeIce Ice emailed me a link this past Friday and the subject heading was “This is how all Friday’s should be….” I finally got around the watching it late Monday night. I should have watched it Friday. Turn Down For What is 2014’s much better version of that bullshit Harlem Shake or an almost-as-good version of Just Blaze and Baauer featuring Jay-Z’s Higher.

The reason we ride with Turn Down For What is because any song with Lil Jon singing the hook or doing ad libs is alright with us. Plus, check out the video. The violent pelvic thrusts? Been doing this for years now. Get crunk, bitches!

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