Lexi Belle
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::Lexi Belle – Penthouse Pet of the Year 2014 | Today’s Penthouse Pet::

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Lexi Belle – Penthouse Pet of the Year 2014

Belle of the Balls

You gotta love Penthouse Magazine. Founded by Bob Guccione, Penthouse has always been the bad brother to rival men’s adult magazine, Playboy. While Playboy Magazine was Hugh Hefner‘s vision of the girl next door, Penthouse was all about the girl next door who got sent away during the school year to “live with her cousin’s.” This may explain why porn star Lexi Belle was named Penthouse Pet of the Month for May 2013. It doesn’t explain why in March she has already been named Pet of the Year 2014 despite only being three months into the new year.

Super-Id has more than enough room for Pets and Playmates.

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Please note: Finding SFW [safe for work/wife] pics of a Penthouse Pet and porn star is a bit of a challenge.

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