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Trey Songz – NaNa

Trey SongzVideos with dudes with their shirts off working out in the gym ain’t our thing. If I wanted to watch disturbing gym scenes, I just need to go to my local gym. There I can see old men walking around naked in the locker room, a bunch of guys with their shirts off taking pictures of each other for Instagram, or the guy with the glandular problem that requires him to use half-a-dozen towels to mop up with lagoons of sweat. Those are the gym visuals that immediately come to mind. But I have to give it up to Trey Songz for juxtaposing some fly fitness to his awkward half-nekkidness.

The girls in this video, (Rosa Acosta – noted), makes me want to go to the gym. If the women in my gym looked like this and not like the women from the Real Housewives, I would find the motivation to post selfies with #GymFlow or #CardioFlow hashtags. But alas, my gym isn’t a music video set and I’m not laying on the mat doing fly, sexy, hot yoga with a hot yogi. Until then, I’ll just appreciate Trey Songz’s Na Na that much more.

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