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Going In For The Kill – Starring Morgan Spencer Whitworth

Straight Murder

Hi kids! Do you like violence? If so, you may not like Today’s Video despite the video’s title. But thinking about it, if you’re visiting The Super-Id, it’s safe to assume you like women/chicks/babes/broads. Whelp… Antonio Pantoja‘s film, Going In For The Kill is all about babes, not violence despite it’s over-the-top title. The babe in question is Morgan Spencer Whitworth. Yes, the name is a mouthful and the video is mouth-opening. Alone in a desolate warehouse (all warehouses are desolate – fact!), Morgan does stuff. She’s up against a brick wall. She’s writhing all over the floor. She’s taking off her leather pants. She’s doing scenes from Flashdance. She’s in a closet from IKEA. She’s moving in slow motion going backwards whipping her hair around. All cool and sexy shit. What does it all mean? No idea. The use of LeRoux’s Going In For The Kill via Skrillex’s Going In For The Kill may be the inspiration behind the title. We hope it’s more than that despite being quite pleased with leering at Morgan Spencer Whitworth (sounds like a law firm, right?). Actually, we don’t care, just more Morgan, please and thanks in advance.

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