Christina Hendricks
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Christina Hendricks

Madison Avenue Woman

Praise the heavens up above, Mad Men returns to AMC this Sunday. Matthew Weiner’s critically acclaimed, pop-culture champion, and ratings challenged show about the journey of Don Draper, advertising executive in 1960s New York City. Despite watching the show from its inception and coming from the world of advertising my damn self, you’d think I’d be a Mad Men-wiki, but I had to Google Christina Hendrick’s character’s name. I’m going to chalk it up to when she is on the screen, my brain focuses more mental energy towards my eyes instead of my ears. I know Joan has a sweet voice, but dammit, I’m hypnotized and mesmerized by her figure. There I said it. It’s okay cause we all do it. If The Commodores created a music video for the hit “Brick House,” Christina Hendricks would have been the token white chick dancing around awkwardly in it… and no one would have any complaints.


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