Wet Cleaning
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::Today’s Video | Wet Cleaning::

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Wet Cleaning by UWHousingFactory

I feel guilty watching this video, Wet Cleaning, and I’m certain the director/producer/editor are going to hell for making this.

This is the pure unadulterated overtly over-the-top sexual video that people who hate pure unadulterated overtly over-the-top sexual videos rally against.

The model in the video has no name. Shit, there isn’t even a description of the video. Just a female wearing some boy shorts cleaning the floor by hand! At one point she is cowgirling the back of a chair. Christ. This video is wrong on so many levels. Because it’s so wrong, I’ve watched it eight times know to ensure I cover every reason as to why you shouldn’t watch it. 

Listen… if anyone knows the name, Twitter, and Instagram of the model in this Wet Cleaning video, please email or simply mention it in the comments below. I want to make sure that this young lady’s civil rights haven’t been violated in any way. At least anymore than they probably already have.

I’m embedding the video right here, right now in hopes that you don’t see any more of this filth from UWHousingFactory.

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