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Sara Jean Underwood

Under The Radar?

Sara Jean Underwood. 456,000 Twitter followers. 95,000 Instagram followers. And I have no idea who she is. I’ve heard of her. I know she’s an actress-slash-host because all hot blonde chicks on the internet are actresses-slash-hosts. I can look at her and tell that modeling has been a vocation of hers at some point or another in her life. Once again, good-looking female, people are going to want to take your picture and guys are going to want to look at your pictures and file you away in the deep, dark recesses of their perverted minds. 

Sara Underwood is low-key one of the reasons Larry and Sergey created Google. Google your dirty, little minds out. Here is a Google search suggestions: “Sara Jean Underwood Naked Yoga.” The word naked is involved, so that means it’s not-safe-for-work/wifey/wife.


Soft stalk Sara Jean.

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