Annet Mahendru
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Annet Mahendru

The Russians

FX Network is on a roll. Justified. Sons of Anarchy. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. American Horror Story. The Bridge. Still not certain if I’m ride or die with Fargo. I don’t fuck with any of the other shows regardless of how critically acclaimed they may be (yes, I’m talking about Louie). And I’m deeply imbedded with The Americans.

For the people who oddly are proud that they don’t watch, have, or know about TV, The Americans is an 80s spy thriller about a Russian couple who are spies posing as suburban Americans. It stars some dude who I’ve never heard of before and Keri Russell whose name means something to me because people make a big deal about the show Felicity she starred in back in the day. Anything named Felicity will ever show up on my radar, so this is my first taste of Ms. Russell… and not a real big fan. Something about her cheekbone to jawbone ratio messes me up. But Annet Mahendru who plays a Russian worker in the embassy who gets all sorts of caught up in fuckery is the visual treat to my Tuesdays at 10pm.

In all my travels, I’ve yet to make it to Moscow or St. Petersburg, so Annet Mahendru is my spirit Russian and I’m loving Mother Russian as a result of it. 


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