Nathalie Emmanuel
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Nathalie Emmanuel

The Mother of Dragon’s Right Hand Woman

There’s a lot of things I like in HBO’s Game of Thrones series. As one of the smug motherfuckers who likes to brag that they’ve read all the books, there are a lot of things I dislike about HBO’s Game of Thrones series (way too many things to list, way too many). Now there have been some curious casting decisions (Oberyn Martell, are we getting a new Mountain for every season?, Asha Greyjoy [her name isn’t even Asha in the book!]), but I cannot and will not complain about the casting of Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei,  Daenerys’s right hand, ride or die chick. 

As much as we enjoy GOT for all of its drama, sex, and violence, let’s be honest – all of that nudity isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. GOT is based in the medieval era, which had a whole different definition of beauty back then and the GOT showrunners do a yeoman-like job in recreating this. The spank bank quotient in GOT is pretty damn low ever since Emilia Clarke let it be known that Khaleesi wasn’t going to be prancing around naked anymore. This compounds the hopes and prayers of me and thousands that George R.R. Martin 1.) keeps Nathalie Emmanuel steadily employed and not killing her character off as he is so wont to do with all of your favorite characters and 2.) he writes a nude/sex scene for her. As if we didn’t need more reasons for GRRM to hurry the hell up!

Update: Thank the Gods. This post was written last week and since then, Sunday’s episode of Game of Throne answered the prayers in this post. I should feel slight embarrassed for getting excited by seeing a naked woman on the TV screen, but as mentioned in this post, thousands have been waiting for this. And apparently so was Grey Worm.


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Eff with Nathalie Emmanuel!

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