Katy Perry
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::Today’s Music Video | Katy Perry “Fireworks”::

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Katy Perry “Fireworks”

Katy Perry’s Twin Roman Candles

Katy PerryI hate myself right now. I truly do. This shit is beyond corny. Katy Perry. Fireworks. On the Fourth of July. Independence Day. This is what I came up with? This site is supposed to be different from the rest and I post Katy Perry’s Fireworks as some Independence Day-related content? I have no excuses. I could offer an explanation, but the facts are you don’t give a shit. Noted.

To make up for this shameless shilling of Independence Day content, I will make it up to you, my faithful readers. How you ask? Just scroll down after the video and indulge in my olive branch.

Happy Day of Independence! Be free today! BE FREE!





The Best of Katy Perry… or The GIF That Keeps On Giving…

Katy Perry



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