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::Today’s Music Video | Pharrell Williams “Come Get It Bae”::

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Pharrell Williams “Come Get It Bae”

Bae of the Ball

Gotta give it up to Pharrell Williams. Dude is killing everything he touches. He is a pop culture machine churning out hits and influencing masses with everything he places his vampire hands on. His latest accomplishment is taking the word “bae” to white America. With the video for “Come Get It Bae,” Pharrell cemented the fact that millions of white people would ponder, What is a bae? And whether they would find out what bae is or not, they were going to use it to death and destroy any cache or flyness the word once possessed – basically typical white American shit. Think I’m wrong? Just click here. Or here. I could spend a paragraph describing bae, but that’s what Urban Dictionary is for.

Back to Pharrell and the video for “Come Get It Bae.” The guy is a musical genius, no doubt, but he’s an overall genius. Just look at the video. Then listen to the lyrics. And then watch the video again. The song is one of the more playful sexually suggestive songs you’ll hear gracing the Top 40 countdown.

Come get it.

My motorcycle.

And there’s some things we need to do. So I know you need to get home.

Normally, the media, then the masses would lump Come Get It Bae with the rest of the seemingly oversexualized R&B fare occassionally making its way into the pop charts, but Pharrell created a feel good video of women about a sex that’s about sexing women. That is genius. Reminiscent of the Dove Real Beauty campaigns, a variety of women of different sizes and shades are the real star of the video. Apparently, any woman can be appreciatevely objectified by Pharrell and be worthy of bae status. Pure genius.

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