Scarlett Johansson
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Scarlett Johansson

The Scarlett Letter

True Story: My friend was walking one or two of their pugs in downtown Manhattan with his wife. A young lady stops them and starts fawning all over the dogs going on and on about how cute they were. My friend smiled, thanked her for the compliment, waited for the young lady to complete her fawning session, and kept it moving. The young lady who stopped him was Scarlett Johansson. Not sure if you know this, but we here at Super-Id are big fans of Scarlet Johansson. Really big fans. When my friend told me this story and I asked him what did he do, he told me nothing, he was with his wife. Now I knew his wife. Loved her to death. Thought she was a great catch overall. But fuck that! We are talking about Scarlett Johansson here. 

It’s with heavy heart I create this post. It’s being reported/speculated/completly fabricated that Ms. Johansson is about to be Mrs. (fill-in-the-blank)-Johansson. It’s bad enough she’s preggers, but now she’s actually going to marry the bastard. Dammit.

At least I have Lucy. Scarlett Johansson and Luc Benson? I’m in. Luc Benson is legendary when it comes to females and action films. Please reference Le Femme Nikita, Leon: The Professional, Bandidas, and Columbiana.

All I know is that I’m getting a couple of pugs, walking all over downtown Manhattan and hoping and praying that it’s not too late. I’ll be ready.


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I’m not the only one madly in love with Scarlet Johansson, correct? Tell us in the COMMENTS.