Misty Copeland
All imagery used courtesy of Under Armour.

::Today’s Commercial | Misty Copeland “I Will What I Want”::

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Misty Copeland for Under Armour – “I Will What I Want”

Misty Copeland Wants What She Wants

Understand, I don’t need an excuse to post any Misty Copeland content. You feel me? Have I mentioned I met Misty? And if I did mention that, did I mention that I caught an immediate Love Jones and have been angling to meet up with her again for the past several years now? {Brandon, I need your help, fam!} But today’s Today’s post is kinda a big deal. Under Armour, the sport apparel brand signed the ballerina to be a sponsored athlete. Yes… I know. Dance? A sport? Putting some money behind their star, late last week, Under Armour debuted the Misty Copeland “I Will What I Want” commercial and it manages to be as inspiring as Misty herself. {What doesn’t she do that isn’t inspiring?} 

Now I’m not a fan of Under Armour. At all. To be frank, I think all of their stuff sucks and it’s not just because I’m a Nike brand loyalist. Maybe I just can’t get those terrible first Under Armour commercials out of my head. Maybe it’s their goofy logo. Who knows… but I do have a new profound respect for them. Although I may at times write as if I’m a misogynist, and who cares I call women names like Sweets, Sugar, or Doll instead of their given name, I can appreciate any advancement in building and developing the esteem of young girls and women. Plus the commercial is all Misty Copeland. Why hate?

Inspired by Misty and feeling freakin’ empowered my damn self, I will post Misty Copeland posts when I want. Word.

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Anyone else incredibly inspired by Misty Copeland? Let us know in the COMMENTS.