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::Today’s Song | Janelle Monae “Electric Lady”

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Janelle Monae – Electric Lady

Janelle Monae, Electric Ladyland

Janelle MonaeI damn near forgot about Janelle Monae. Her third album, The Electric Lady was released in fall of 2013 and Monae spit out three singles prior to the release of the album’s fourth, Electric Lady this past week. 

The GreaseHappy DaysAmerican Graffiti look and feel of the video just adds to the Janelle Monae cache of sass, cuteness, and fun, moreover it put Monae in an outfit other than her trademark tuxedo. And it’s a refreshing look because behind the positive vibe and the sister girl aura that she perpetually emanates from her pores and vocal cords. It’s clear that I need to spend less time writing about Janelle Monae and more time listening to Janelle Monae.

Sidebar: What happened to Solange?

Jokes! You know what happened to Solange. Everyone was scared to have her on set. Word!


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