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The Erotic Review Tumblr

The Most Comprehensive Guide of Adult Entertainers Worldwide

Yahoo, please don’t mess up Tumblr. Let me repeat – Yahoo, please don’t mess up Tumblr. Yahoo is a big company that often buys smaller companies and then ruins them. The Super-Id is hoping and praying that Yahoo doesn’t ruin a good thing. We have professed our love for Tumblr before and today we are professing our love for another great Tumblr. This time around we’re setting our lusty sights upon The Erotica Review. The Erotic Review Billed as The Most Comprehensive Guide of Adult Entertainers Worldwide, The Erotica Review doesn’t meet its billing and this is a good thing. When you think of adult entertainers, visions of strippers, porn stars, and clear pumps fill the head, but The Erotica Review goes far beyond that. Grid after grid of well-curated women ranging from strippers and porn stars to actress, models, civilians, and athletes. They have it all. What Erotic Review has been doing lately is a stream of themed posts. Focusing on some sexy aspect of eroticism, this Tumblr is loaded with image after image of pure heat ranging from cowgirls/rodeo to bathtubs to latex to red lingerie. It’s like everyday is a holiday on Erotic Review. With the word erotic in the title, you can only imagine The Erotic Review is NSFW – Not Safe For Work / Not Safe For Wife / Not Safe For Wifey. [intense_spacer height=”20″ /] [intense_hr type=”solid” size=”short” title=”Peep The Erotic Review online.” title_background_color=”#ffffff” title_position=”left” /] [intense_button color=”#34526f” size=”large” link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”tumblr” icon_position=”right”]The Erotic Review Tumblr[/intense_button] [intense_spacer height=”25″ /] [intense_hr type=”solid” size=”medium” title=”Spread Love in the COMMENTS.” title_position=”left” /]