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Keyshia Cole – She

Keyshia Cole
I’m a grown ass man. Mature. Traveled. Experienced. I can say with a degree of confidence that I have my shit together. I’ve dated my fair share of women and have a wealth of experience dealing with the opposite sex. BUT, like many grown ass men who are mature, traveled, experience, and with some semblance of their shit together, I have a hard time resisting the pull of 1.) crazy chicks and 2.) hoodrats or trailer trash (depending upon race). Welcome to my relationship with Keyshia Cole.

Keyshia Cole is an attractive and talented female R&B singer. She is also bat shit (or ape shit – still not clear which one is more crazy) crazy and is a hoodrat. Hoodrat can seem to be a pejorative term, but it can be wrapped in a cloak of affection. With multiple definitions on the definitive linguistic reference of the 21st century,, this one is the most apropos – “trashy or triflin’.” This is Keyshia Cole… but we’re okay with that. Why? Because she’s good looking, has a great rack, can sing (any chick that can sing automatically gets bumped up 1.5 points, similarly to women who can cook get bumped 2 points) and is cuckoo. This is a lethal combination to the grown ass man who knows better, but gets caught thinking with his little head instead of his big head. We just can’t help it. And I can’t help that I haven’t heard listened to a Keyshia Cole record since the first Keyshia Cole record, because I know the type of relationship we have. Keyshia does hoodrat shit, and I lust after her. P.S. I love you, Keyshia.

Is Keyshia Cole a hoodrat? Who else loves hoodrats? Share your thoughts in the COMMENTS.



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