Childish Gambino
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::Today’s Video | Childish Gambino Lyric Video “3005”::

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Childish Gambino

Friend of Porn, Childish Gambino. Still Unhappy

Someone needs to give Childish Gambino a.k.a. Donald Glover a fucking hug. Dude is on a broadcast TV show, albeit one no one watches. He does comedy and the only type of groupies better than comedian groupies are Hollywood groupies, pro sport groupies, and police office groupies. And he actually has a rap career as Childish Gambino.

Despite never watching Community, despite never seeing any/all of his comedy specials, despite never hearing one single beat or bar from his rap career, I wasn’t mad at dude. But Good Lord, does Donald Glover ever look happy? This guy is perpetually melancholy. Donald Glover is the dude that tells everyone that your RA is going to smell the weed y’all are smoking in the door room. I have no clue why dude looks like Grumpy Smurf – he’s hanging out with porn stars.

My first experience with the Childish Gambino persona is with his breakthrough hit, 3005. I like the record. I even discussed it with some folk. Never had any desire to check out the music video until Matt told me that Abella Anderson was in the alternate video. For the unaware, Abella Anderson is a mattress actress, and a damn good one. If you Google “Abella Anderson,” you are now forewarned before you click on the ‘Images’ or ‘Video’ tab. So I took a moment to check out the official video for ‘3005.’ Depressing as fuck. Then I checked out Clapping For The Wrong Reasons and was thoroughly confused by what the hell I was watching and turned off by the sheer length of the video. But, I saw a couple of Abella Anderson cameos and was baited well enough to check out the lyric video for ‘3005.’ And what do I see? A version of MyFreeCams, with Abella Anderson dancing around in a red bikini covered by a white tee. There’s a whole hook to get you to check out, but trust me, colossal waste of time. It’s Safe For Work despite having the .xxx domain, which goes to tell you a lot about the site. Google ‘Subservient Chicken’ to see what should have been. Check out this lyric video for ‘3005’ to see what the main video should have been.

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