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::Today’s Music Video | Lo-Fang “The One That I Want”

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Lo-Fang “The One That I Want”

Lo-Fang? Lo-Fang.

I’m going to admit from the jump that I had to Google the hell out of this. Lo-Fang? What the hell is Lo-Fang? And then the music video. I thought it was a Chanel commercial. Is it a Chanel commercial? And then Baz Luhrmann directed it? Is this a movie? So I Googled, and quite frankly, didn’t have the energy to read, so I just played the video (Giselle Bundchen looks weird wet and in the water), and listened to the song. I should have done that in the first place – I like the song. Forget all the other nonsense surrounding it. Sometimes it boils down to just playing play. And in this case, press play and see if Lo-Fang is the one you want to listen to.


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