Ana Cheri
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The Instagram Account of Ana Cheri

My Ana Cheri Amour

Try as hard as you may, it is impossible to avoid the #ThirstTrap that populates every corner of social media, especially Instagram. You know better. You know better! But dammit, the duck faces, the twerkin’ videos, the cleavage, it lures you in like the Sirens calling out to Odysseus. Instead of lashing yourself to the mast of a boat, you avoid Instagram like it’s covered in ebola with a dash of avian bird flu on the side {is bird flu, or even swine flu a concern, or we off that?}. And how long does that last for? Not long enough to erase the rush of refreshment you feel when you peep an Instagram account like Ana Cheri.

I can dig the Instagram hustle. It’s incredibly transparent. Get a hot chick. Hello Ana Cheri. Post a ton of thirst-quenching photos. Check. Get a huge following of lustful dudes. 1.3 million, anyone? Have a company that is looking for “brand ambassadors” to help shill their product. Hello Shredz. Now have an instagram feed of hot pics and a bunch of product shots with product speak written directly from the product people. If this is the deal we the people have to agree to in order to continue receiving smoking hot pictures, so be it. Sign me up. NOW! Ana Cheri, you got me, mi amour!


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Soft-stalk Ana Cheri…

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Native American, Latin, and Caucasian heritage
Born and raised in Orange County, California
Is a makeup artist and hair stylist in addition to being a model
Grew up a tomboy
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