Jessica White
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Jessica White

Jessica White Sands and Swimsuits

I kind of hate myself for saying this, but dammit, it’s how I feel in my heart, so I’m putting it out there. Some women are meant to be in a swimsuit all the damn time. Jessica White should not be allowed to wear clothes that isn’t made of lycra and involves strings to tie them together. No dresses. No skirts. Good grief, no pants. Not that she doesn’t look good in “regular” clothes, but Lord have mercy, this woman in a swimsuit is just problematic. 

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Victoria’s Secrets Angel. Ralph Lauren. CoverGirl. Maybelline. Jean Paul Gaultier. Gap. Harper’s Bazaar. Teen Vogue. Jessica White’s list of accomplishments is long and prestigious. And I’m sure that Miss White isn’t one of those stereotypical model chicks who is a pretty on the outside, but ugly and empty on the inside. I’m sure she’s a great gal. But {you knew the but was coming}, I’m having a hard time forgiving her for the whole Terrell Owens thing.

T.O. Remember him? One period of time, Terrell Owens mattered. He was a talent. He was a voice. He had a brand. Shit, he even had his own television show. VH1, pre-Mona Scott ratchetness. Here’s the thing about TO – looking back it’s easy to laugh, scoff, and dismiss him, but during the height of TO-ism, he was frowned upon. The guy was simply toxic. So when clips of Jessica White and Terrell Owens together, dating, and on TV was all too much for Jessica White fans and sensible human beings to process. Think I’m exaggerating? Somehow, someway, the Terrell Owens show still exists online. Take a look for yourself. Understand, we all make mistakes. Who are we to judge {despite the fact that we all judge}? What’s important isn’t who Jessica White dated or what show she’s appeared on. What’s most important is keeping this women in a swimsuit laying out on a beach and looking incredible. 


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Soft-stalk Jessica White…

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Middle name is Angel.
Is possibly maybe a Scientologist.
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