Hot Hotel
All imagery used courtesy of Primo Tacca Neto.

::Hot Hotel | Today’s Video::

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Hot Hotel

Hot Hotel. I love art projects that involve beautiful women. The fact that no one dislikes them is the reason why everyone does them. The shit works! 

The Hot Hotel project is described as the following, taken from creator  ‘s Vimeo page. A photographic project undertaken by Primo Tacca Neto in hotels during the season of fashion campaigns. Are only a one model, one look, one hour. No photoshop, just colors to create the perfect atmosphere.

Personally, I’ve never had anything similar to the action taking place in the Hot Hotel video happen to me. The closest I’ve come is a woman calling my room at L’Ermitage in Beverly Hills at 3AM, thinking she was reaching a one-hit R&B “star.” I told her she had the wrong room… like a big dummy. When I awoke and wiped the sleep from my eyes, I realized that this was LA and there are a lack of good looking women in LA, so the law of averages states that this groupie was more than likely hot. I could have said any sort of excuse as to why the R&B star wasn’t in the room. But I’m a nice guy. And I never want to be Bill Cosby-y when it comes to women. Plus it would have been dead wrong. But I did think about it. My other Hot Hotel story involves a hotel in Las Vegas, a party at the Hard Rock Cafe, a woman who I didn’t realize was an escort, a cab ride, and one huge misunderstanding. Yeah… what happens in Vegas. Nothing compared to what happens inside the Hot Hotel.


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