Jhené Aiko
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::Jhené Aiko “Wading” | Today’s Song::

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Jhené Aiko “Wading”

Swimming in Jhené Aiko

Arrggghhhhh! I really dig Jhené Aiko. She may get criticized for her voice, but I don’t care. The days of Celine Dions, Aretha Franklins, and Mariah Careys are over. At least in the world of popular music, and popular music is what drives today’s cultures, so that means it doesn’t really matter at all nowadays. Is it a good beat? Is there a catchy hook? Is it shareable? Memeable? Can I co-opt the lyrics somehow? How about the music video? Can I make some GIFs from it? What product placement is embedded in it? The music business isn’t the same because the way people ingest music isn’t the same. I recognize this and I try as much as I can to simply focus on what I like and reject what I don’t like. I like Jhené Aiko. I like this song. I like this video. Except for the muthafuckin’ snake! I HATE SNAKES! You see how fickle the public is? One simple thing like some muthafuckin’ snakes, and I almost didn’t make “Wading” the Song of the Day. Good thing I’m not that fickle.


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