Tamika Chesser
All imagery used courtesy of Ballin On A Budget.

::Tamika Chesser – Ballin’ Broads | Today’s Video::

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Tamika Chesser

Ballin’ Broads “Heaven’s In The Backseat of My Cadillac”

Ah yes… our favorite Ballin’ Broad is back. Tamika Chesser, ladies and gentleman. You may remember Miss Tamika Chesser from “The Bedroom.” This time around she is getting her frolic on in the backseat of a Cadillac. Actually, when you watch the video, all of the action takes place in the front seat, which only works because it’s in an old school Caddy, where the front seat was basically a couch. Front seat. Back seat. Hell, put us in the trunk. It matters not, as long as Tamika Chesser is riding shotgun with us, we’re good.

Shout out to the Ballin’ On A Budget crew.