Vida Guerra
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Vida Guerra [Classics]

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Seriously, Vida Guerra started a movement. It was really her and J-Lo that were the catalysts of what is now referred to as the big booty revolution. They were the firsts. Before that, girls hated to have booty and guys would have to admire big booty in secret and shame [Editor’s Note: except Black dudes. Black dudes have worship the virtue of big booty since the days of Adam & Eve]. Vida Guerra changed the world and for that we are thankful. Without Vida there would be no Amber Rose, there would be no Jen Selter, there would be a plethora of girls with big booties that would be slinging fries. Kim K. would wish that she could bed a guy like Ray J if it weren’t for how Vida changed the booty landscape.  There wouldn’t be the plastic surgery industry that exists today. All those doctors that are surgically employed to make girls asses look as perfect as Vidas would be garbage men if Vida never existed. [Editor’s Note This includes those sicko weirdos who use caulk guns from Home Depot and perform “surgeries” in flea-bag motels that always seem to have a dark, dirty back alley.]

We first met Vida in the early 2000s right before she burst onto the international scene. It was after the FHM Magazine and Maxim Espanol and before Playboy or even the King covers. She was super cool and would twerk on set (this is way before the mainstream media even knew twerking existed). We would have to tell her to stop so that we could keep our concentration. Over the years we’ve shot her and hung out with her multiple times and she’s been a great girl through thick and thin (that’s a bun pun).
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[Editor’s Note: Man… Vida Guerra! God Bless The POTUS, Barack Obama for making peace with Cuba! Now that shit is sweet (kinda) between the United States and Cuba, the only thing stopping you and me from finding a Vida Guerra clone is a plane ticket. Since none of us have a shot with Vida, the only option we have at our disposal is to fly to her motherland, Cuba, and find a clone. After you’re done “reading” this post and following VidaAngrymoon, and The Super-Id on social media for exclusives not on the site, head over to Orbitz and check the air fare. Viva Cuba!]
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