Jada Cheng [White Tank]

Jada Cheng Presented by Angrymoon.net

Jada Cheng is import model royalty and she’s won every bikini contest that has ever required bikinis. She’s got hundreds of millions of fans worldwide (an impressive number of which have her face tattooed on them… ask her, she has pictures as proof). We have had a relationship with Jada that has lasted years and she’s a very close friend of Angrymoon.

Jada Cheng is one of the perfect examples of girl as art. She’s obviously VERY easy on the eyes, but she is an absolute THRILL to photograph. I speak for all of us when I say that I don’t think that I’ve EVER met a more generous model. Her energy is infectious and shoots with her would routinely last for 7 or 8 hours. Shoots with Jada would more often than not turn into a party… lots of people hanging out at the studio and music blaring. Fun stuff AMAZING girl!
[Editor’s Note: What Angrymoon has to share about Jada Cheng is 100% truth. When we met Jada, it was in the Lower East Side [note: we hate the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Detest!]. Within a minute of walking in someone’s apartment who apparently was cool with Angrymoon, she stripped down into a what is technically a bikini, but truly looked like loose strings of fabric. There was a bottle of moonshine or Everclear being bandied about. There was a dominatrix on premises, who may or may not have been on duty. She got undressed too. And started taking pictures with Jada. There was a bunch of random dudes hanging out. Some were watching the photoshoot, while others didn’t; either way it was kinda strange. A bottle of baby oil appeared out of nowhere, and things got very shiny and slippery. Bags of Mexican food were ordered. And all of this happened Sunday night/Monday morning around 2 or 3am {please note – content from that shoot has yet to see the light of the internets. Stay tuned. It shall come}. Yeah… love Jada Cheng. And her dog, Jackie Cheng.]


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Jada Cheng

Jada Cheng





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