Por Amor a las Tetas
All imagery used courtesy of Por Amor A Las Tetas.

::Por Amor a las Tetas | Today’s Video::

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Por Amor a las Tetas

The Tetas Video

True story. In high school, I took four years of Spanish. I barely passed two of those years, as I failed the other two. The truth is that the only reason I passed those two years is because my Spanish teachers were fearful of having me back in their respective classes twice [My teachers either loved me or feared me depending upon how I felt about the subject].

So Today’s Video is dedicated to my four Spanish teachers. I learned enough from your classes to be able to [kinda] read the title of this video to know it’s about boobs. On second thought, the video is a sexy interpretation of something to do with breast cancer awareness, so we will use our Big Head and call them breasts. Boobs are the language of our Little Head. 

The Super-Id has been on an international kick, and just like our favorite Russian video/director/model, Por Amor A Las Tetas is extremely well done. A well done video about breasts that brings awareness to the scores of men who will undoubtedly watch a video of a montage of women’s breasts is nothing but a good thing. Amor.

Shout out to the Por Amor A Las Tetas.