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Dear Brainiacs,

A little over 12 years ago, I broke off a 9-month engagement to a man I was to marry due to a number of indiscretions on his part.  I was extremely fair and rationale about the entire thing, despite all the drama and hurt he put me through – I even returned the ring and let him keep MY pets to which he’d become so attached.

About 6-months following the breakup, he emailed me to see if we could meet so he could return a box of my things. When I responded to him with a family member’s address to where he could drop off the box in his area (I’d since moved to another city), he responded with nasty, rude comments. I never received my belongings.  About 6-months later, I heard he’d gotten married and had a child.

Fast forward to 2007 when I received a Facebook friend request from him, which I accepted. In 2008, he reached out to me via direct message to say hello. I did not respond. Since that time, he has messaged me approximately 7 or 8 different times –  a few times to compliment posted photos, a few “Happy Birthdays”, once to ask about my grandmother and once to apologize for all of his crap and to share his regrets that we did not have a chance to see where “we” could go.  I cordially responded to just a few of those correspondences with short replies.

This past December, he reached out to ask if I’d be interested to “meet up over coffee or something” as he would be in town (he lives overseas and is in the states only a few time a year). When I did not respond, he reached out again. I finally asked his availability but did not follow through because:

  1. I have no interest in seeing him. I already know what he is up to from his FB posts;
  2. I was heading out of town for the holidays

After the holidays, he’d reached out again to find out what happened to me and ask again if I was open to meeting with him (he is returning to the states for a few days). While I am curious about his persistence, nothing has really changed on my part – I have no interest in seeing him. I noticed through his Facebook posts that his grandfather, to whom he is extremely close, is ill.  I suspect this is the purpose for his communication but am not sure.

My question is … should I meet with him?  I do not want to come across as bitter because I am not.  However, he has reached out to me in the past month almost the same number of times he has over the past 6 years.



Roger F. Bond

Roger F. Bond

Agent Saboteur
You gave him your pets? It better have been a cat, cause if you gave away a dog…

Listen, dudes fuck up and miss opportunities, but the very hubris of the male ego will have us come back at some point for some reason. Why? If you wanted us before, you’ll want us again or rather, you still do. That’s how men think. Whatever dude wants has nothing to do with you since you’ve closed that chapter a while ago. Unless he has your dog, there is no reason to get up with dude. Anyway, he either wants to get some or get back with you. If it was anything else, he could just IM, Skype, DM, or FB Message you.

The problem with women, you included, is that you need to know why to everything. The reason why he wants to meet up again is because he’s a guy and that’s what guys do. And what guys do is fuck up and try to get back into what they missed out on. ManLogic… know it, don’t try to understand it.

Married With Children

Married With Children

The Try Hard Husband
Deep down you know if you meet him you will do something you may regret. He is persistent because he knows that once he gets in your presence you will get some tingly old feelings. You were with a man that cheated numerous times and you were still about to marry him. 

There is no benefit to seeing him as it sounds as if you currently do not seem to be in a secure relationship. I feel you may be vulnerable, and he knows it.


Roger F. Bond

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Roger F. Bond

Man of the People. Reformed Man-Whore. Single. No Kids. Scorpio.
“First you get the paper, then you get the power, then you get the pussy.”
Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson

Civil Libertarian
Married… for now. Check back in a few months… King of Jump-offs & Side-Pieces. Baby Mama Drama.
“How much…?”
Captain Caveman

Captain Caveman

Sensitive Savage
Divorced with benefits. Philosophizing Gorilla Pimp. Lust at first sight. Love at first text.
“I love you. Can we fuck?”
Mr. Married w/Children

Mr. Married w/Children

The Poor Bastard
Reformed Serial Cheater. Contently married with two kids. Career Man. Has eaten hamburger everyday for 14 years and counting.



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