Midnite Haute
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::Today’s Video | Midnite Haute – Playboy Photoshoot::

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Midnite Haute – Playboy Photoshoot

Midnite HauteYouTube is a magical place. As evil as Google may be, YouTube is a panacea for all sorts of videos of all sorts of sexiness. You can spend hours on end just search and browsing and come across some of the most titilating video content. 

I don’t even know how I came across Midnite Haute. And like most things viewed on YouTube, I don’t know what Midnite Haute is because I have less than zero desire to click on anything on the page other than the play button for the this Playboy Photoshoot video. I’m sure there is some ‘about us’ on Midnite Haute and quite possibly some information on the uploaderfashiontvCS,’ but that’s beyond me right now. I have priorities.

2.7 million views on YouTube. I know it’s more than a bunch of Indian workers making .50¢/hr or a team of bots constantly reloading this video that has the view count so high. It’s a bunch of horny guys. Add me to the mix. 2.7 million views +1. And you are now adding to the view count, so consider yourself having done your duty as it is your mission to feast your eyes on Midnite Haute.

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