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::Bellechere | Today’s CosPlayer::

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My Cherie Amour

You have to love geeks and nerds. Geeks and nerds have taken over the world. Look at Wall Street and Silicon Valley. The nerds and geeks have created a new internet bubble that will soon pop. Watch. Look at the cinema – it’s movies based on comic book and YA dystopian future trilogies. Hell, a comic book convention, Comic Con, is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. And events like Comic Con allow for the world to get introduced to personalities like BelleChere. If you’ve spent anytime on Tumblr or randomly Google searched a character from any of the comic book movies, there is a strong likelihood that you’ve seen BelleChere and have thought to yourself the following: [intense_icon_list] [intense_icon_list_item type=”circle-arrow-right” size=”1″ color=”#00cbf7″]Who the hell does this?[/intense_icon_list_item] [/intense_icon_list] [intense_icon_list] [intense_icon_list_item type=”circle-arrow-right” size=”1″ color=”#00cbf7″]Damn, she’s thick as hell.[/intense_icon_list_item] [/intense_icon_list] [intense_icon_list] [intense_icon_list_item type=”circle-arrow-right” size=”1″ color=”#00cbf7″]Wow. She really looks like {insert character name here}…[/intense_icon_list_item] [/intense_icon_list] [intense_icon_list] [intense_icon_list_item type=”circle-arrow-right” size=”1″ color=”#00cbf7″]That shit is kinda sexy and why am I turned on?[/intense_icon_list_item] [/intense_icon_list] Cosplaying is the new niche subculture [intentionally redundant for the sake of emphasis] and BelleChere is the Mary Magdalene of the movement.


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